Awakening for Intellectuals

Intuitive Reading

In this session, any question you need to know, on any subject, of any intensity or meaning, answered. Sound too good to be true? It is not.

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Talk Replays

For speakers, facilitators, and anyone who knows that everything is a communication.

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Personal Coaching

Uncover stores of vitality where trauma and stuckness keep it locked down. Hurray for a new you.

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Awakening for Intellectuals

Three Key Words is a website dedicated to teaching and researching expanding consciousness. Whether up or down, each place you find yourself in has ways in deeper and ways out. The mission here is taking the place your in, its volume so to speak, and expanding your consciousness through and around it. You’ll repeat the circumstances you find yourself in until you uncover and put to use the reason you’re creating those circumstances. The themes of this website are:

Consciousness: Awareness is the ultimate resource each of us has in abundance. Understanding, cultivating, and mastering consciousness is a key to moving through life with mastery.

Games: Life as a game, each day as an adventure. Finite and Infinite Play is a cornerstone book in the understanding of how to leapfrog through realities to make change in your life. In one reality a certain move is not possible but in another its part of the underlying fabric.

Connection: We are all connected. No matter how badly you want to leave your spouse, your lover, your boss, your friend, you can only change the game. Recognizing the connection through the multiple forms of play helps you relax in each experience and create healthier ways of relating.

Association: Everything is related. You can follow one topic to any other. So no matter what you’re doing at the moment, you can discover its influence on another aspect of your life.

Responsibility: You are 100% responsible for your responses to the conditions of your life.

Subtlety: This website is dedicated to more advanced levels of play. What most people don’t acknowledge or miss is where we begin.

Relationships and sex: we go to the animal level and discover where it intersects with the rest of your human, spiritual self. In sex all your habits are exaggerated and torn apart. Since many other researchers of consciousness do not talk about sex, we start there.

Projections, personas, masks, and our inner master: Live from your infinite self and learn to recognize when your acting out of a fake self.

Flow: Learn to challenge yourself in a game that is just hard enough to test all your abilities and require your peak focus.

Shame as Fuel: Learn to alchemize your shame into fuel for a profound, courageous life.

How to use Three Key Words:

1. Start with my blog. Read a few passages and then subscribe. You’ll get my work directly in your email, which is way easier to read.

2. Then go to the Quotes Section and subscribe there, too. You’ll get a daily email of archane, beautiful works. Everything in the Quotes Section comes from a love for wisdom , beauty, and the small details of every culture of our world. I have a bias for profound insights and that’s all you’ll find in these quotes.

3. Book a session with me. My warmth, integrity, fierceness, and devotion to your highest self make me a powerful intuitive reader and coach. Read more.

Origins of the Site Title: Three Key Words

For a long time I was explaining to a friend an idea that he simply could not grasp. Finally I said, I’m going to give you three words that, when I thought of them, helped me arrive at the idea I’m explaining to you. I gave him the words, and a week later, he called, saying, he finally got it. He told me what he understood and it was just as I understood it. He had used the words as sign posts in a journey to a place his awareness had never been before. I hope this website and my work acts as signposts pointing you to new places and motivation to take the journey there.